Banana Peanutbutter Muffins

Banana Peanutbutter Muffins

Lately I am, first, completely into baking, and second have I developed a major love for nut butter. Both together in combination with a passion for sweet snacks result in these delicious, super easy banana peanutbutter muffins. Enjoy!
Nutrition per Muffin:
103 Kcal (3.5g Fat | 14g Carbs | 3.6g Protein)
Category Cupcakes & Muffins
Portions 8 Muffins

You need

  • 100 g Oats
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Egg vegan Alternative: 80g Apple Sauce
  • 1 TBSP Agave Syrup
  • 2 TBSP Peanutbutter
  • 1 TSP Baking Powder

Here’s how to do it

  • Put the oats to a blender and process.
  • Add the banana and blend again.
  • Next, combine with all the other ingredients, and mix well. This makes the final dough. Add a sip of water if needed.
  • Preheat your oven to 180°C, pour the dough in 8 muffin tins and bake for approx. 25 minutes until they are golden brown.
  • Finally you can decorate them with some additional Peanutbutter.

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