If you’re looking for more information about cooking and baking, in addition to great recipes, our blog is ideal for you. We deal with fitness, healthy eating, planting vegetables and fruits in our own garden or test recipes from cookbooks and other blogs. Have fun!


In addition to healthy eating, fitness is also a popular topic on the world wide web – after all, both food and exercise have a high impact on a healthy lifestyle.

Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for general cooking and baking tips, this is the category for you. How do I best prepare certain foods? Which foods can I easily replace with others? And which kitchen gadgets are really worth investing in?

Campus Cooking

Find lots of inspiration for the typical student who doesn’t want to spend time or money on frills when cooking. That’s why we focus here on quick and easy dishes that are also easy on the wallet!

From the Garden

Fruits and vegetables from your own garden – a dream for many, and it’s not that difficult. Learn more about beginner-friendly plants, when which food is in season and how to make your garden save for winter.


There are probably thousands of blogs and books that deal with nutrition and recipes. We also like to get inspiration and try the creations of others. How different recipes should actually look like, and what we ended up with? Find it here.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy eating is the latest trend – and of course we’re part of it. Here you’ll find healthy alternatives to popular calorie bombs, interesting facts about certain foods, and tips for getting started.

Creative Baking

Colors, glitter, different forms – real art can be created during baking. So if you want to get really creative, make sure you check out this page for inspiration. 

International Cuisine

For most people, traveling means discovering new places and getting to know foreign cultures. And what makes a different culture? Among other things, one big topic is the food. Join us exploring recipes from all over the world.


Menus for holidays, cooking for special occasions and more.

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