Campus Cooking

Find lots of inspiration for the typical student who doesn’t want to spend time or money on frills when cooking. That’s why we focus here on quick and easy dishes that can be prepared without special utensils and are also easy on the wallet!

4 Fast Recipes

Are you also sometimes late, still have appointments or simply do not want to stand for hours in the kitchen? That happens to me more often, but then to order takeout is rarely an option for me. Therefore, here are 4 recipes that are ready in no time. I usually have most of the ingredients…

5 Pasta Sauce Ideas

Dear students, what are you having for dinner today? Pasta, of course. 🙂 But with what kind of sauce? I would like to show you five ideas that are easy and quick to prepare, so that you can ass some variation to your dishes.

Two International Quiche Ideas For The Lazy Ones

Do you sometimes feel like cooking something other than pasta, rice and potatoes, but you don’t have enough time to prepare a dough or something else that takes a lot of effort? Then these international quiche ideas are what you need. As a base you only need a wrap, which is available in every store.…

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