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Healthy eating is the latest trend – and of course we’re part of it. Here you’ll find healthy alternatives to popular calorie bombs, interesting facts about certain foods, and tips for getting started.

Vegan late summer recipes with plums

In my latest blog post I present you two healthy, vegan late summer recipes with plums that you should definitely try – check it out right now!

Sweet Breakfast Ideas With Protein Powder

I like to use protein powders every now and then. With 20g of protein per 30g of powder, I get a lot closer to my daily protein goal very quickly. But since you do not want to eat the pure powder, you’ll need some delicious recipes. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you landed in…

Four recipe inspirations with MANA Mark 7

We are super excited about a package from Mana with samples of the new MANA Mark 7. A healthy and natural diet is really important to us, and Mana shakes are not just simple protein shakes. They are vegan and contain 42 different valuable plant-based ingredients. Today we have four recipe inspirations on how you…

Eat Your Veggies

Adding vegetables to your diet is terribly time-consuming and complicated – plus they don’t taste good! I don’t think so! – In this blog post I show you my best food hacks.

Snack Time: 3 Delicious Dips

Whether it’s cozy TV time on the couch, or game night with friends: Snacks must not be missing. Crackers & dips are a real classic, the variety incredibly large. Today I’ve got three easy, delicious inspirations for you.

How Bad is Sugar?

“Sugar causes overweight.” “Sugar destroys your teeth.” – We all know these statements. So it’s not surprising that supposedly sugar-free or at least reduced-sugar foods are piling up on supermarket shelves, and the choice of alternatives increases every day. But what is sugar? What does it do to our bodies? Which foods contain sugar? And…

The Background Behind Our Diets

I’ve noticed that all four of us girls each follow a different diet. But what is behind each of these diets and why do we eat the way we do?

Macro Nutrients

What are macronutrients? Why do we need them and how to get them? And how much is too much? 

Vegan Sweet Treats

Lately I have tried more and more recipes without animal products and additional sugar. This is a great favor not only for yourself, but also for the environment. However, I still need a sweet snack every now and then. In the following, I show you three recipes I created myself, which are in no way…

Overnight Oats – 5 delicious versions

Overnight Oats are already quite a while THE healthy breakfast trend, but it took some time until I tried it myself. Today I have my 5 favorite versions for you – enjoy!

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