Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for general cooking and baking tips, this is the category for you. How do I best prepare certain foods? Which foods can I easily replace with others? And which kitchen gadgets are really worth investing in?

Aebleskiver Pan: Must Have or Waste of Money?

There are things that make you already wonder whether they are really necessary before you buy them. But then something appeals to us so much that the product ends up in the shopping cart. That’s what happened to me with the Aebbleskiver pan. I follow many food accounts on Instagram, just because I just like…

Tips for Tofu

It’s a well-known fact that opinions are divided when it comes to tofu. For some, it’s a limp, tasteless lump, for others it’s a protein-rich basis for a huge selection of vegetarian or vegan dishes. Personally, I like tofu – if it is well prepared. It needs two things: a good taste and a crispy…

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