“Magnum” Ice Cream Bars

“Magnum” Ice Cream Bars

When I think about summer, one thing I always look forward to is sitting outside and eating ice cream. If I had to choose a flavor, chocolate and nut would definitely be on top of the list. As a kid I loved the Magnum ice cream with the chocolate almond coating. So today I decided to try a slightly different version of that, with more protein, less sugar, but just as delicious!
Tip: If you don't have ice cream molds (I don't :)) just use bar molds, they work just as well.
Nutrition (per bar):
136 Kcal (6.7g Fat | 15g Carbs | 8g Protein)
Category Dessert
Portions 4

You need

  • 1 Banana (frozen)
  • 30 g Protein Powder (I used Proteinworks Choc Peanut Cookie)
  • 1 TBSP Peanut Butter
  • 60 g Plain Yogurt
  • 120 ml Almond Milk
  • 30 g Dark Chocolate (Mine was the sugar free version by GoodSam)
  • 15 g Peanuts

Here’s how to do it

  • Add the banana, protein powder, peanut butter, milk and yogurt to a blender and process.
  • Fill the mixture in your ice cream or bar molds.
  • Melt the chocolate, chop the peanuts and mix together. Then spread on top of your ice cream bars.
  • Freeze.

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