No Bake Cheese Cake

with currants

2 Servings

No Bake Cheese Cake

Good Evening!every night the same question – what am I taking to work for breakfast tomorrow? Do I invest some time and prepare something? Or will I just stop at the bakery around the corner and get something? – Unfortunately, this is usually not the cheapest and healthiest option… In this post I show you a healthy yet super delicious breakfast alternative that you can prepare at home within a few minutes – a No Bake Cheesecake with fresh red currants.
Category Cake & Pie
Portions 2

You need

  • 2 Bananas
  • 8 Dates
  • 60 g Oats
  • Cinnamon
  • 400 g Currants
  • 1 Pck. Pudding Powder Vanilla Flavor without sugar
  • 250 g Cottage Cheese
  • 3 Scoups Flavored Lime Powder alternatively you can use the zest of one lemon and add some sweetener

Here’s how to do it

  • First, add bananas, dates and cinnamon to a blender and blend until you reach a creamy consistency.
  • Then mix the oat flakes in and pour everything into a bowl.
  • Next, wash the currants and add them to the prepared mixture.
  • Now stir the pudding powder in cold water and add boiling water. Bring everything to boil and stir in the cottage cheese and flavored powder.
  • Finally, you can spread the finished mixture on the currants.

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