Pudding Pastries

Pudding Pastries

These pudding pastries are a real eye-catcher for the next coffee party and easy to prepare. Actually, I’m not such a big fan of yeast pastry, unless it is filled with pudding Well received by young and old, I will definitely make these again soon! Have fun baking -Josefine
without eggs
Category Sweet Pastries
Portions 16

You need

  • 500 g Flour
  • 1 Pk. Dry Yeast
  • 100 g Sugar
  • 1 TBSP Vanilla Extract
  • 1 Pk. Vanilla Pudding Powder
  • 700 ml Milk
  • 50 g Butter
  • Powdered Sugar

Here’s how to do it

  • For the dough, heat 250 ml of milk and melt the butter within. Add the dry yeast. In a separate bowl, mix 500 g flour, 70 g sugar and the vanilla extract. Then carefully add to the yeast milk mixture. Mix everything into a smooth dough and let it rise for at least half an hour.
  • Prepare pudding powder according to package instructions (this usually requires about 30 g sugar and 500 ml milk) and simmer briefly.
  • Preheat oven and flour a large surface. Roll out the yeast dough into a large rectangle and spread with the pudding. Roll up lengthwise and cut off approx. 1-2cm thick pieces and brush with milk (or alternatively an egg yolk).
  • Bake at 180°C for about 30 min. After baking, let cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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