Raspberry Pistachio Cake – A Review

On the occasion of my son’s birthday, I tried to make the beautiful pistachio cake from www.einfachbacken.de. This blogpost is to explain the structure of the cake and reveal whether I can recommend the recipe.

Okay one thing up front – fresh raspberries and pistachios are generally an expensive thing. This makes it quite an expensive treat, so you probably want to use it for special events. For the filling, frozen raspberries can certainly be used – but I strictly (well, mostly) followed the recipe here.

The cake consists of several pistachio layers, a raspberry cream, which holds the layers together and a more pistachio cream covering the outside. For decoration, I used chopped pistachios, fresh raspberries and two figures from Peter Pan. The original recipe also asks for dried raspberries (does anyone know where to find them?).

Visually, the cake really makes a statement: with no color additives at all, the result is a beautiful green color that harmonizes perfectly with the raspberries. The inside, if you create nice layers, also looks really great with alternating green layers and pale pink raspberry cream. Through the chopped pistachios, which were “thrown on” to the outside of the pistachio cream, small blemishes can be concealed, which occurred when spreading the outer pistachio cream. Since I still do not have a rotating cake plate, I put my fixed cake plate on a rotating cheese plate – that has worked wonderfully and I can highly recommend!

Now for the taste. At first I was skeptical, how the cake would be liked by my guests, because not everyone likes raspberries and pistachios are kind of a risky pick as well (I love both!). But everyone who took a piece was really excited about the combination. The pistachio bases are relatively firm, but this works perfectly with the soft raspberry cream. Personally, I found them a bit too strong, but I feel that way about almost every cake I eat.

Overall, I can absolutely recommend the cake. Visually, it is really a highlight and also has a lot to offer in terms of taste. The only criticism is actually the relatively high price, since many pistachios, a jar of pistachio cream and many fresh raspberries are needed, which hit well in the wallet. But nevertheless, I will certainly bake the cake again, because it was just much too delicious.

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