Salad is often thought of as boring dietary dish, although there are so many variations – whether as starter, side or light dinner. The list of possible ingredients is endless, there are plenty of vegetarian options; salads with meat or seafood; cheese or nut toppings; sweet or hearty versions; cold or warm salads – it will certainly not be boring.

Main Dishes

The main course – the center piece of the menu. For some people it simply needs to be fast and easy, others appreciate variety and want to get creative. In addition to well-known classics, such as potatoes, rice or pasta, we have some new discoveries – or at least new combinations – on our menu.

Breakfast Ideas

‘The morning makes the day’ – we learned that from the Nutella commercial and it really applies to most of us. Getting up on the wrong side of the bed, can turn the rest of the day into a disaster. So how do you make the morning a good start into your day? Step 1: a delicious breakfast.

The meal is over, the button on your pants is about to jump off, but as we all know, the best comes last. Of course, a delicious dessert should not be missing at the end of a menu, no matter if fruity, chocolaty or something tasty for the coffee lovers among us.

For many of us, cooking and baking don’t have anything in common, except the fact the magic happens in the kitchen. Not surprising – when cooking, various random leftovers often end up in a pot together, resulting in a delicious meal. Improvising with baking requires more experience, if you want the result to be tasty and presentable. Once you figure it out though, you can just enjoy delicious and pretty desserts or coffee time snacks.

90 degrees in the shade, you don’t want to move, and for most of us, jumping into their in-house pool to cool down is not an option. So how to help yourself on such a summer day? A cool drink is surely a good start.

Whether for a barbecue or for dipping the snacks during a cozy TV evening – homemade dips and sauces are a great thing to bring to a party or a simple but effective detail for your own guests.

Whether as an in-between snack, a delicious barbecue side or an after-workout energizer – you can’t go wrong with snacks and sides. Usually quick and easy to prepare, they provide an energy boost or complete the menu with a special note.

A crispy crust, a soft core and preferably still warm, straight out of the oven – that’s how we like our bread. Looking forward to your tasty bread begins with the smell all over your house – go bake it yourself.

To warm up on cold days, as a cold version in summer or as a tasty starter – soups and stews have become an integral part of our menus and we don’t want to miss them in our own kitchens either.

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