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A crispy crust, a soft core and preferably still warm, straight out of the oven – that’s how we like our bread. Looking forward to your tasty bread begins with the smell all over your house – go bake it yourself.

Tip: If you live in a country other than Germany and have trouble finding the correct flour, check out the alternatives on

Mixed Wheat Bread with Sourdough

I already announced this recipe in our latest blogpost and here it is: a bread that you can use sourdough for.

Crunchy Rolls

I can’t remember the last time I bought bread at the bakery. For some time I bake it myself now and am very satisfied, even if I have so far only baked with yeast. Sourdough, however, is already on the list to try But even with yeast, fresh or sometimes with the dry version, you…

Yogurt Bread

Today I show you my new favorite bread! It is not quite as fast to prepare as other yeast breads, but convinces with a fluffy dough and crust (for a life with toddlers definitely relevant!). I used wheat flour (type 550) and rye flour (type 1150) for my bread, but the wheat flour can also…

Olive Oil Bread

This bread has completely convinced me at the first attempt: Despite the rye flour, it is fluffy and light but still rich in taste. The olive oil gives it a great, special note, it tastes aromatic and not as ordinary as other breads. We have eaten all of it within two days; I hope you…

45 Minutes Breakfast Rolls

These fluffy rolls are prepared and baked within 45 minutes and really do not need many ingredients. They are similar in consistency to milk rolls and are therefore super suitable for little kids. You can make the crust crunchy or soft up to your taste. I’ve chosen to make a soft version for these rolls,…

Chocolate Bread

Last week I showed you how to make honey bread. Today I have a chocolate version for you.

Honey Bread

This pastry is perfect for the Advent season. Nicely packed it is perfect as a gift as well.

Rustic Carrot Bread

The other day I invited my family and wanted to create a tasty, somewhat fancy snack in which I could also integrate a few leftover carrots. I decided to bake a carrot bread using only ingredients I still had at home. As my mom is allergic to gluten, I baked this bread with gluten-free flour…

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