Sweet Breakfast

A sweet start into the day definitely succeeds with a fruity smoothie or a delicious chocolate granola.

Apple Oatmeal Cups

I’m just a huge fan of sweet breakfast. But I’m also quickly bored of the always same recipes and love trying out new things. This time these Apple Oatmeal Cups made it to my plate. Super fluffy, high in protein and super fast to make. Heat them up the next day and serve them with…

Almond Crunch Granola

Running out of time in the morning? A simple, super fast breakfast I like is granola. Unfortunately the store-bought ones are often full of sugar and additives – so why not making your own granola at home? Most ingredients are staple items at my house, it’s super easy to make and can be prepared in…

Vegan Porridge Bowl With Fruit

This porridge bowl is perfect for an extended breakfast on the weekend and gives a lot of strength for a subsequent workout. By soaking the nuts in water beforehand, the body is able to absorb the nutrients from them even better. Give it a try if you like a good, sweet and healthy breakfast!

Sweet Breakfast Wrap

When I think of wraps, my favorite Mexican restaurant comes to my mind immediately. I usually get their burrito filled with rice, avocado, corn, beans and salsa. Together with a cold Corona this makes the perfect Friday night. Lately I enjoy wraps for breakfast, too – as a sweet version with cream cheese, fruits &…

French Toast Rolls

I’m not usually a fan of warm breakfast ideas, but these Toast Rolls with banana and Nutella are different. They are quickly prepared and also not too much for the early morning hours. Have fun!

Vanilla Blueberry Muffins

Dessert for breakfast? Not a problem anymore! These vanilla blueberry muffins are high in protein; banana and blueberries provide a fruity sweetness; and the oatmeal gives you the most important vitamins and energy for the day.

Baked Banana Chocolate Oats

Recently, I started to take a closer look at the macro values of my diet. Like many people, I don’t eat enough protein. Of course, there are many foods that are very rich in protein – cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts and legumes are among my favorites. However, I wanted to try protein powder for a…

Strawberry-Cookie-Yogurt with Chocolate Topping

When you’re hungry and not at home, you often tend to quickly grab something”to go”. This is then usually quite expensive, does not keep you full very long and is not particularly healthy. This is not how it needs to be though. This yogurt is great to take along. The strawberries give the snack a…

Chickpea Cookie Dough

Still no idea what to eat for your next breakfast? – No problem, here comes a recipe that is easy to prepare, keeps you full and is a good option for all of you that are into fitness. Anyone who looks at my recipes will quickly notice that I am a big fan of chickpeas…

Breakfast Cookies

When looking for healthy breakfast ideas I ran into breakfast cookies a few times. Given the fact that I love sweet breakfast and prefer to prepare food, I wanted to give it a try. Oats and ground nuts are the main ingredients, the cookies are sweetened with agave syrup and finally refined with a few…

Sweet Couscous

A while ago I searched online for different breakfast ideas. I found a lot of inspiration and created my own combination from the ideas: sweet couscous with roasted apple and nuts.

Crunchy Chocolate Granola

Ingredient lists always start with the major ingredient. Unfortunately often times sugar is at the top of the list for many granolas in the stores ! Nevertheless, I don’t want to miss my crunchy granola for breakfast and today I am going to show you a slightly healthier alternative.

My Favorite Smoothie Bowl

The perfect start to the day for all of you who like a sweet breakfast: a delicious smoothie bowl that can be adapted to your taste.

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