Fruity Desserts

Fruit is a great source of vitamins and natural sweetness. Apples, bananas & Co. are also often used for baking.


With the weather being this great, I felt like having a nice sundae. I have to admit that my own contribution here is limited, but I do not want to deprive you of the delicious combination of fruit and nuts. It was just too delicious 🙂 Try it!

Nicecream: Peanutbutter-Banana

I have a big sweet tooth. After a savory meal, I would never turn down a delicious dessert and if there is none, it almost feels like something is missing. But since you can not always eat only chocolate and cookies, I was looking for healthier alternatives. Nicecream, i.e. healthy ice cream, was always among…

Strawberry-Cookie-Yogurt with Chocolate Topping

When you’re hungry and not at home, you often tend to quickly grab something”to go”. This is then usually quite expensive, does not keep you full very long and is not particularly healthy. This is not how it needs to be though. This yogurt is great to take along. The strawberries give the snack a…

Winterly Walnut Tiramisu

At Christmas I tried out a new dessert, which is still perfect to use the leftover Spekulatius cookies from the holidays ;). In contrast to the classic version made from mascarpone, this version is much lighter and richer in protein, since a mixture of low-fat cottage cheese and cream cheese is used and you can…

Panna Cotta

Today I want to show you a classic Panna Cotta. Instead of gelatine I have chosen agar agar, a vegetarian alternative made from algae. You can get it either in well-assorted supermarkets or online. It worked great and I only needed about 10 minutes to prepare it. This dessert asks for very little ingredients and…

Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough

Good morning, everyone! The other day I was in the mood for a dessert and decided to create a cookie dough for you. The mixture consists mainly of bananas and chickpeas – may sound strange, but tastes great and is a perfect, healthy alternative to a traditional cookie dough from the store.

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