Dips & Sauces

Whether for a barbecue or for dipping the snacks during a cozy TV evening – homemade dips and sauces are a great thing to bring to a party or a simple but effective detail for your own guests.

Protein Chocolate Spread

Here comes a healthy alternative for Nutella, that is high and protein and a perfect spread on bread, rice cakes or just as delicious by itself. Definitely give it a try for afternoon carvings for sweets.

Carrot-Walnut Sauce

Here’s a nutty carrot sauce you need to try with your next pasta dish! Without consciously paying attention to it, it has even become vegan. Bon appetite!

Raw, Vegan Red Beet Hummus

This easy red beet hummus doesn’t need any cooking and is ideal for dipping vegetable sticks or as a topping for rice cakes. The spices give the hummus a strong note and make it taste anything but boring. In contrast to conventional hummus from the store, it contains much less saturated fat and artificial preservatives.…

Carrot-Tomato Sauce

This variation on a classic tomato sauce is perfect for those who love it spicy and creamy. We had farfalle with this; however, I will definitely try this sauce with gnocchi or roasted vegetables. If you can think of any other ways to use it, please leave me a comment 🙂

Chocolate Hummus

Usually, I like hummus best with lots of garlic and chili with my falafel. But did you know that you can also process chickpeas to a super healthy, delicious dessert, dip, or spread? Naturally sweetened, and without any baking or cooking, you can have a delicious, sweet choice on the table in just a few…

Mushroom Pesto

A delicious mushroom pesto pounded with my mortar, which, in addition to the conventional use as a pasta sauce, is a great spread for bread or can even be used as a mushroom filling. You can use different kinds of mushrooms up to your taste.

Red Beet Spread

My very favorite spread to eat on bread comes from Alnatura. I have discovered it months ago walking through the isles of a DM market. The striking color and combination of horseradish and red beet immediately attracted my attention, so I took a jar home and loved it! Unfortunately I can’t get it in the…

Homemade Tzatziki

Two weeks ago I showed you my favorite quinoa recipe – and also told you that I love to combine it with homemade tzatziki. So today I have a recipe for homemade tzatziki for you. Whether as a side for dinner, dip for the next barbecue or with vegetable sticks – tzatziki is always a…


If you are looking for a delicious, admittedly seasonal, alternative to the classic tomato sauce for your pasta dishes, I can only recommend this pumpkin walnut pesto. Super quick to make, and tastes really unique!

Basil Pesto

According to Wikipedia the word pesto comes from pestare, which means “to crush”. So I unpacked my new mortar to make a nice basil pesto. This version becomes very fruity with a splash of lime juice and can be kept in the fridge for several weeks.

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