90 degrees in the shade, you don’t want to move, and for most of us, jumping into their in-house pool to cool down is not an option. So how to help yourself on such a summer day? A cool drink is surely a good start.

Guest Article: Ginger Lemon Shots

A strong immune system is the key to a healthy life and, for me, the basis to maximum performance during an intense work week. So I try to support my immune system as much as possible, and among other things one way to achieve this became ginger shots. I drink one in the morning and…

Winterly Iced Coffee

Iced coffee in winter – sounds strange, but I am creating this post at the end of November with a temperature of 18°C outside. So although I’m more in the mood for a refreshing drink, I don’t want to miss out on winter and Christmas sweets (Team gingerbread in September!). For those who are still…

Lime Cocktail

I recently had this non-alcoholic cocktail at a party and loved it! The elderflower syrup removes the acidity from the limes, so that even non-caipirinha fans and children will love this fresh drink.

Peach & Lemon Iced Tea

Except a few coffees in th morning and during the day, I actually only drink water during the week. But especially with the hot temperatures outside, I like to drink something with more taste on weekends 😉 A glass of homemade iced tea is just what you need, and you save on all the sugar…

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