Main Dishes

The main course – the center piece of the menu. For some people it simply needs to be fast and easy, others appreciate variety and want to get creative. In addition to well-known classics, such as potatoes, rice or pasta, we have some new discoveries – or at least new combinations – on our menu.

Dishes with Meat

Here you will find a delicious selection of dishes with chicken, pork or beef.

Veggie Recipes

For those who do not want to have an animal on the plate. Fresh ingredients from the field or from your own garden are perfect for vegetarian dishes.

From the Ocean

Probably, when it comes to seafood, there are only those who love it and those who absolutely dislike it. This way, fish lovers!

Vegan Recipes

Of course, you can also cook without any animal products. No matter whether these are simply left out, or you fall back on substitute products, the possibilities are endless.

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