Vegan Recipes

Of course, you can also cook without any animal products. No matter whether these are simply left out, or you fall back on substitute products, the possibilities are endless.

Indian Red Lentil Soup

No time to make dinner and barely any ingredients at home? If you want something healthy yet delicious, try this soup!

Vegan Vegetable Bolognese with Lentil Pasta

Today there is once again something vegan, new! The perfect opportunity to finally use up the leftover vegetables from your fridge. – Take a look right now!

Vegan Romanesco Tomato Casserole

Today’s recipe is super quick and easy to prepare and is also very healthy and low in calories. The casserole has lots of vegetables, beluga lentils as a source of veggie protein and hazelnuts as a natural source of fat. It’s also easy to prepare, just pop it in the oven after work and enjoy.

Vegan Turmeric Curry with Fried Tofu and Rice

This vegan turmeric curry with fried tofu and rice makes a great quick, warming dinner for colder days. The many different vegetables make the recipe especially healthy, the tofu serves as a source of vegetable protein and the whole grain rice provides the ideal satiety. A clear advantage of the recipe is that it is…

Vegan Chanterelle Mushroom Risotto with Red Wine

The vegan mushroom risotto is great for the upcoming colder days. It warms you from the inside. The taste is perfectly rounded off by a heavy, good red wine and the freshly chopped parsley.

Green Leftover Curry

At the moment the weather here is super rainy and cold – so a warm, spicy dish to warm you up comes right in time. I recently created a green vegetable curry after a long walk, which not only tastes great and is very healthy, but is also great for using up leftover vegetables. Swap…

Vegan Bolognese

A delicious vegan alternative to the classic Bolognese sauce, which not only convinced me but also my husband so much that no other Bolognese has been made in our kitchen since.

Vegan Thai Curry

Every time I eat in a Thai restaurant, I read through the entire menu. Although almost everything sounds good I always get stuck with one category: curry. Curry can easily be made at home. There are plenty of vegetarian or vegan variations; curry with meat oder seafood; red and green options – possibilities are endless.…

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