Veggie Recipes

For those who do not want to have an animal on the plate. Fresh ingredients from the field or from your own garden are perfect for vegetarian dishes.

Vegetarian Pizza Rolls

Here’s another quick and easy recipe: vegetarian pizza rolls! On the picture the topping is coming off a little, but that doesn’t hurt the taste!

Rice with Tzatziki and Roasted Vegetables

Today I had a very high class dinner aka rice “from yesterday” ;-)) combined with tzatziki and some oven roasted vegetables. The tzatziki was without garlic, but this can of course, depending on taste, be adjusted.

Truffle-Mushroom Gnocchi

In the mood for a gourmet recipe that is quick and easy to make, and also vegetarian? Then you should definitely check out or new post on the blog!

Tomato Feta Spaghetti

Today there is a simple pasta recipe for you, which is prepared quickly and tastes very delicious. Enjoy it.

Veggie Mushroom Stir Fry

I actually wanted to try this recipe with my new sous vide cooker. Due to lack of time, I opted for the quick version in the pan and definitely didn’t regret it! Bon appetit 🙂

Chickpea Curry

Today I’m gonna show you a super fast, delicious curry with chickpeas and coconut milk. I served it with rice, but I could also imagine potatoes with it – or just the curry by itself. I hope you enjoy trying.


This hearty and flavorful pumpkin and potato casserole impresses with its simplicity: potatoes, sweet potatoes and Hokkaido pumpkin. It’s not much more than that, but the result is just fantastic!


Who of you enjoys the last warm summer days with a nice bbq? To add some variety on the grill, we had burgers this week. But we did not just have any patty between the burger buns: homemade veggie patties made from broccoli and mushrooms – yum! Tip: Vegan? No big deal! Just leave out…

Low Carb Veggie Pizza

In the mood for pizza and no time? – No problem! This low carb version is super easy and fast and is much healthier and lower in calories than a pizza from the delivery service.

Quinoa Balls

Quinoa has become a real superfood over the last few years and is used in many healthy recipes. Not surprising, quinoa is versatile, tastes great and is also full of important fiber. It has also moved into my kitchen a long time ago is made into diverse dishes. One of my favorite recipes are these…


Even though this trend exists for quite a long time now, I have just bought a Zoodle Maker. In this recipe I mixed the zoodles with linguine and added a delicious Mediterranean sauce. Bon appetite!

Greek Oven Roasted Veggies

Oven veggies are super simple and super tasty. I do not use these particular veggies that often and thought it would be way more difficult than it actually ended up being. I am definitely going to make this dish more often in the future and wanted to share this easy recipe with you.

Red Beet Soup

Red beet is a super healthy vegetable that is rich in nutrients and also keeps you full for a long time. This time I used it for a soup, refined with potatoes and sunflower seeds. The cream and sour cream topping makes the soup nice and creamy and provides a nice visual contrast.

Green Leftover Curry

At the moment the weather here is super rainy and cold – so a warm, spicy dish to warm you up comes right in time. I recently created a green vegetable curry after a long walk, which not only tastes great and is very healthy, but is also great for using up leftover vegetables. Swap…


Another tasty Italian classic as a veggie fall version – be sure to try it!

Pumpkin Flatbread

Seasonal and regional cooking is actually quite a good thing – sustainable through short transport distances and the food does not have to be planted in a greenhouse needing a lot of energy. In German cuisine I can think of two foods that are almost exclusively on all menus in the corresponding season: Asparagus in…

Veggie Pizza Bread

My Go-To-Weeknight Dinner: Veggie pizza bread. Quick and easy to make and super yummy!

Pasta-Goat Cheese Casserole

One of my absolute favorite dishes is this casserole, but you should definitely be a friend of more special cheese types. I discovered goat cheese quite a while ago and since then I really like to eat it on my breakfast roll as well as in salads or pasta dishes. It simply adds a special…

Breaded Eggplant

I always feel like people either love or hate eggplant. I personally like them, especially when they are grilled or baked. For this recipe I breaded the eggplant and served it with a fruity tomato sauce. This dish goes well with naan or rice on the side.

Pasta with Broccoli-Cheese Sauce

This broccoli-cheese sauce is quick to prepare and a delicious alternative to the classic tomato sauce.

Creamy Mushroom Risotto

No risotto in the world comes close to what I once ate in Italy, in a small restaurant, in which there were no tourists except us, but super friendly people. Nevertheless, I like to bring this Italy feeling home and I tried several versions before I was satisfied. Tastes best with a glass of cold…

Veggie Spaghetti Carbonara

To freshly cook this meatless spaghetti alla carbonara version, you need quite a few ingredients, but it’s totally worth it!

Lentil Balls

Looking for vegetarian meatball alternatives, I often came across lentil balls. I can’t necessarily say that they would taste the same as meatballs, but in combination with a spicy paprika sauce and rice they are incredibly delicious. Also, they are made super fast and are really healthy: lentils are richer in protein than almost any…

Grandma’s Potato Fritters

I meet a lot of people who don’t like potato fitters. Totally shocking for me, because I feel like potato fritters are the best thing that can be made from a potato! I hope that with this recipe even the last doubters will enjoy this wonderful quick dish.

Dark Veggie Burger With Homemade Patty

Being a vegetarian and eating burgers – that doesn’t really go well together, right? Well, I think it does! There are great vegetarian or vegan alternatives to traditional burger patties. These range from potato versions to falafel to cereal fritters. But I am particularly crazy about the ones, that are served in my favorite burger…

Whole Grain Pasta

Often there are days when you don’t have enough time, you just don’t want to cook or you are simply too hungry to cook an elaborate menu – regardless there is no need for fast food take out! Even at home you can quickly prepare great dishes with just a few ingredients, which taste good…

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