When it comes to baking, there are no limits. Whether sweet, hearty, with chocolate, fruit or coffee – pastries are perfect for the afternoon coffee, as a gift or just as a snack in between.

Pies & Cakes

Cakes are the classic when it comes to baking – suitable for both beginners and advanced bakers.

Cupcakes & Muffins

Muffins are a hit not only for kid’s birthday parties. They are perfect to take along and have the perfect size for the small, sweet hunger in between.


Who’s mouth doesn’t water at the thought of a delicious, crispy cookie? Cookies are not only a popular pastry at Christmas, they are also ideal in the evening on the couch or for snacking in between.


Birthdays, family celebrations or parties – for the special occasion most people want something special with their coffee. Tortes are the perfect solution, they are definitely an eye-catcher and their taste is worth the effort as well.


Waffles are the perfect side to a Sunday afternoon coffee. But not only that. Sweet, hearty, with different toppings – no limits on being creative with waffles.

Sweet Pastries

Bites, filled pastries, croissants – at the bakery around the corner, you can be amazed about the offers. In addition to cakes and pies, there are so many other pastries that you can easily recreate at home.

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