Who’s mouth doesn’t water at the thought of a delicious, crispy cookie? Cookies are not only a popular pastry at Christmas, they are also ideal in the evening on the couch or for snacking in between.

Oat Cookies

Oat Cookies are so simple and yet so delicious. I made a chocolate version today, but if you are not a fan of that, just leave out the chocolate drops. This tastes just as good. Have fun.

Angel Eyes

Something for the fruit lovers among you. A simple light dough with jam. You are welcome to adjust the variety of jam to your taste. I like especially cherry or currant, but apricot or apple are great choices as well.

Black and White Thalers

With this recipe, vanilla and chocolate fans get their money’s worth. Depending on your taste, you can use more or less vanilla. Try a small piece of dough in advance to be sure 🙂

Cinnamon Stars with Nuts

How about some classic cinnamon Stars this Christmas? I use cinnamon the whole year, but at Christmas, it is nevertheless again something special. In combination with nuts and rum flavor, it’s even better.

Cinnamon Stars with Honey

The classic cinnamon stars for Christmas are made with rum flavor and nuts. If that’s not quite your taste, I have a version with honey for you. Maybe you like it better? I love both very much.

Walnut Cookies

Again, I only had one egg at home, and so was looking for a recipe that doesn’t ask for more. I found these walnut cookies, which can also be baked wonderfully outside the Christmas season for the next coffee party. I modified the recipe a bit, so that not quite as much sugar and chocolate…

Cheese Cookies

A great combination: cheese and fried onions combined in one cookie. Enjoy!

Breakfast Cookies

When looking for healthy breakfast ideas I ran into breakfast cookies a few times. Given the fact that I love sweet breakfast and prefer to prepare food, I wanted to give it a try. Oats and ground nuts are the main ingredients, the cookies are sweetened with agave syrup and finally refined with a few…

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