Pies & Cakes

Cakes are the classic when it comes to baking – suitable for both beginners and advanced bakers.

Vegan Pumpkin Bread

Just as much as I love autumn and its bright colors, I also love that pumpkins come in all shapes and colors at this time of year. These can be used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes. Today I present to you a recipe for a vegan sweet pumpkin bread. (Similar to banana…

Chocolate Cherry Pie with Zucchini

Currently, we have a lot of zucchini in our garden, so I always think about new ways to use them. My latest attempt was a chocolate cake with cherries. The zucchini and the cherries make the cake nice and juicy. Do you grow your own veggies? How do you use them?

Healthy Bienenstich

As a child, one of my favorite cakes was the Bienenstich. Recently, I saw a recipe on Instagram that was supposed to be a healthy alternative to it. I modified the ingredients to match what I had at home, and here it is, my very own variation.

Fluffy Apple Pie

Looking for a light and fluffy cake for Sunday coffee? Here you go. Very few simple ingredients and a quick prep time make this fruity and delicious pastry the ideal last-minute option for spontaneous visitors.

Rhubarb Crumble Cake

Is the rubarb ready to harvest yet? On Sunday I harvested mine for the first time this year used it for a cake. Fresh from the oven, and served with cream it was just wonderful. It takes a little longer to prepare because of the yeast dough, but it’s worth it.

High Protein Strawberry Cheesecake

Start spring off right with a fruity cake! Hope you enjoy this high protein version, suitable for all the fitness people amongst you!

Nut Cake

Today I’ve got another cake for you. I used a Gugelhupf mold, simply because I like the look. This time it is a basic recipe from my mom, in which I have adapted little things. I often bake in small molds since there are only two of us. If that’s the case for you too,…

Chocolate Cake

Ready for a Sunday treat? Here comes a chocolate cake which is sure to please almost the whole family. The recipe is from my grandma and I absolutely love it. Have fun.

Banana Date Cake

During the Corona Lockdown, probably no one has been able to avoid banana bread. But banana is actually also super suitable for many healthier cake, muffin & pastry versions. Its natural sweetness and soft texture make it a real all-rounder ingredient for your home bakery. Time to get your hands on the mixer!

Vegan Chocolate Cake

A chocolate cake that is healthy, vegan and super delicious at the same time? No problem. The secret ingredient is apple sauce. You can use it to replace eggs, as well as give the cake a natural sweetness. In addition, the cake is also easy and super fast to make, what more could you want?

Nut Ring Cake

Actually this recipe is rather wintry and spreads Christmas vibes, but I was already in the mood for a nut ring cake. It’s super easy and fast and I like it all year round. Perfect for everyone who likes sweet pastries without any cream or fruit. Enjoy!

Chocolate Ring Cake

After a long time I wanted to make another ring cake and have been looking for a good recipe. The result is this juicy chocolate bomb with delicious curd cheese filling. You need a lot of ingredients, but for us it was worth it. Due to the juicy dough, the cake is still good to…

Carrot Cake

just around the corner and some of you might still be looking for the right cake to serve. Here’s a classic for you, which should not be missing on any Easter table: a fluffy carrot cake! I know, not everyone likes carrots in their cake, but this version is so juicy and delicious that even…

High Protein Mochi Cake

Who of you knows these tiny, sweet and somewhat sticky rice cakes that are often served as dessert in sushi restaurants? – Actually they are almost a fitness snack … if it weren’t for the added sugar. Last week, I created a high protein version, which does without it – making it the perfect snack.…

Pear Cake

Once a month I get a box with fresh organic fruits and vegetables. This time pears were included, so the idea for this cake was born. The recipe is for half a tray (about 26x20cm), because a whole tray for two persons plus a mini-man is a little too much. This cake reminds of brownies…

Banana Cake

This banana cake came out rather by accident. I have cheerfully prepared the dough for another recipe- until I was supposed to add 6 eggs, which I – contrary to expectations – no longer had. Quickly I had to come up with a recipe for the dough I had started. The result was a banana…

Ant Cake

Today I show you one of my favorite cakes: Ant cake. If you like sweets and chocolaty things, this cake is the perfect choice. Have fun!

Lemon Cake Bites

This lemon cake is perfect to bring to a party, because it looks super nice and is really tasty. It’s easy to prepare and promises a success even for baking beginners. My personal highlight is the cream cheese, but especially at hot temperatures it should not be stored for too long.

Marble Cake

Today I would like to share a recipe for a marble cake. Easy to make and looks super nice!

No Bake Cheese Cake

Good Evening! every night the same question – what am I taking to work for breakfast tomorrow? Do I invest some time and prepare something? Or will I just stop at the bakery around the corner and get something? – Unfortunately, this is usually not the cheapest and healthiest option.. In this post I show…

Pineapple Cake

Today I have a simple cake with pineapple, a great choice at summer. Hope you try it!

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