Waffles are the perfect side to a Sunday afternoon coffee. But not only that. Sweet, hearty, with different toppings – no limits on being creative with waffles.

Chocolate Waffles

I really wonder why I have only baked light waffles until now. This chocolatey recipe is a delight in the afternoon and provides a beautiful visual contrast when the powdered sugar trickles down onto the chocolate waffle. I personally like to offer my guests a choice of different waffles, if you are the same way,…

Stuffed Potato Waffles with Basil & Gouda

Last night we had a craving for waffles and tried a savory version, which also makes a great side dish to roasted vegetables or similar. As a special extra, each waffle is filled with a portion of Gouda, which melts deliciously during baking.

Belgian Waffles

For quite a bit now I am a huge waffle fan! Whether with powdered sugar or cherries: waffles taste delicious in many ways and are quickly made, if you surprisingly have guests. This recipe is for Belgian waffles and includes low-fat curd cheese and buttermilk making them nice and fluffy.

Oven-Baked Yogurt Waffles

Since I moved to the USA, I unfortunately no longer have a waffle iron. It was impractical to take along and the plug does not fit even without an adapter. So far I have not bought a new one, but a silicone form for the oven. The waffles become a little softer, but are a…

Homemade Waffles

Today we had homemade waffles – the perfect dessert for any birthday or coffee date. Or for when you just want waffles 🙂

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