Salad is often thought of as boring dietary dish, although there are so many variations – whether as starter, side or light dinner. The list of possible ingredients is endless, there are plenty of vegetarian options; salads with meat or seafood; cheese or nut toppings; sweet or hearty versions; cold or warm salads – it will certainly not be boring.

Pasta Salad with fresh herbs

This pasta salad is easy to make and scores with a great look because the red tomatoes are a great combination with the green color of the fresh herbs. The salad tastes best when the pasta had enough time to soak in the dressing. Enjoy!

Red Beet & Quinoa Salad

The perfect side for your next barbecue or a tasty lunch for the office, this quinoa salad brings variety to the table, is super quick and easy to make, and is also great to prepare for the next day

Arugula Salad with Mushrooms

This delicious arugula salad with mushrooms is prepared within minutes and is perfect for a weeknight dinner. Usually I like to combine arugula with feta. In this recipe I used mozzarella instead, which was different but quite tasty. Give it a try!

Tomato Salad

Watch out tomato fans: Today I have a recipe for a tomato salad with a delicious soy dressing for you. This light salad is super suitable as a barbecue side dish, but also makes the perfect small midday snack. Enjoy!

Moroccan Couscous Salad

This time I received a pomegranate with my monthly produce box, which of course I wanted to use immediately. I decided to make a Moroccan couscous salad, which can be eaten as a side dish or as a main meal. I have to admit that the ingredients might require a trip to a Turkish or…

Fresh Summer Salad with Chickpeas, Feta & Mint

For me, a perfect barbecue always includes a fresh salad. The version that I show you today can score with a few extra proteins besides a lot of crunchy vegetables. The freshly chopped mint gives the salad an oriental, summery touch. Since the salad is well-satiated by the chickpeas and feta, it not only makes…

Pasta Salad with Arugula

My all-time favorite pasta salad: Farfalle with mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, some sunflower seeds and arugula. It’s great as a side dish at a barbecue or on a birthday buffet. I think it tastes best when prepared in the morning and eaten in the evening, because the salad tastes even more intense. If you bring…

Chicken Salad

Easy to prepare, either as a main dish or side. The mango makes it super fruity and fresh, while soften the slightly bitter taste of the arugula. Add walnuts for a nice crunch 🙂

Classic Egg Salad

Just in time for Easter, I have a recipe for you, that is great to use up leftover eggs. This classic egg salad comes without frills and adventurous ingredients and convinces with its simplicity. Nevertheless, the salad is very tasty and tastes especially good on fresh crispy bread. Bon appetite!

Pasta Salad with Asparagus

I have always loved asparagus, currently especially in combination with roasted nuts. Having a lot of BBQs in summertime, I make a lot of different salads, and a pasta salad is one of our favorite sides. Here’s a quick recipe, that you can also make for a spontaneous BBQ invitation.

Veggie Summer Salad

This fruity salad is the perfect side dish for a barbecue or a delicious light snack. Not only vegetarians get their money’s worth here! The recipe shown below can be changed as you like – especially in the summer season, I always add strawberries to my salad, because they enhance its taste and appearance.

Pasta Salad with Pineapple

This salad should not be missing at any party! The fruity note of pineapple makes a delicious salad, that is a great alternative to traditional pasta salads. Try it out!

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