Hearty Snacks

As a small dish, an energy boost between meals or before workouts – this is where the snacks come in handy.

Vegan Italian Soft Cheese

Food trends are going towards a plant-based diet – unfortunately, there are not yet many healthy substitutes for cheese. How about making your own cheese substitute quickly and easily? – Just give it a try!

Carrot Fritters

Snacks and light lunches are something that I love to try. If it is super easy, needs only a few ingredients and tastes great, the recipe quickly becomes a fixed part of my repertoire and regularly ends up on our plates. This is also how it was with these carrot fritters. Who says fritters always…

Spinach Feta Scones

Most of us probably know scones from British movies. They are often served as a sweet accompaniment to afternoon tea. But the biscuit dough can also be made into a hearty snack. Just give it a try!

Low Carb Egg Muffins With Buffalo Mozzarella

My low carb egg muffins with buffalo mozzarella, the starter from our Easter menu from our blog, are now also available as a single recipe. They are great as a starter or small, low-calorie snack for in between. The buffalo mozzarella gives the muffins a particularly intense flavor. Enjoy!

Toasted Rye Bread

This toasted rye bread is fast to prepare and can be customized easily. I especially like the fact that rye bread is more filling than a normal slice of toast and is therefore a great snack. I have used Emmentaler cheese in the recipe, but you can swap it with any cheese of your choice.

Baked Naan

This recipe is so easy, that I wonder if it even counts as recipe, but I am sure it is certainly an inspiration for some people. A big obsession for me at the moment is the combination of arugula and balsamic glaze, this is why it’s also included as a topping in this recipe. A…

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