Whether as an after-meal snack or with afternoon coffee, it’s hard for most people to imagine life without sweet snacks.

Berry Crumble

Actually, I wanted to bake an Apple Crumble this morning – difficult without apples. But the whole thing works and tastes just as good with other fruits. So if you’re looking for a delicious, healthy and vegan snack for your coffee table, this recipe is for you.

Chocolate & Nut Bliss Balls

Snack time! With a coffee, as a small dessert, or before a workout, these Bliss Balls are full of healthy fats and do not contain industrial sugar. You still don’t have to miss out on the good taste – just a tablespoon of honey provides the necessary sweetness.

Carrotcake Blissballs

A quick, protein-packed snack for in-between meals: these Carrot Cake Blissballs are the fitness version of the popular carrot cake. Perfect for on the go, as an afternoon snack at the office or to accompany your coffee on the weekend. Raw, vegan, healthy and super delicious!

Coconut Date Blissballs with Dark Chocolate

The Blissballs are a great alternative to a piece of chocolate as a small snack in between meals. Plus, sweet bowls can be wonderfully complemented with this little extra snack.

Raw Vegan Peanutbutter Cake Bites

You don’t even have to bake these little cake bites. There are no industrial sugar or any animal products used, but this sweet dessert is in no way lacking in taste and enjoyment. Look forward to a nutritious, healthy snack – without “bad ingredients” and “feeling guilty”!

No Bake Chocolate Blissballs

Craving sweets again? Enjoy a little chocolate snack without feeling guilty. These blissballs are made in five minutes, don’t need any industrial sugar, but are still an absolute hit!

Date Marzipan Bites

If you ask me what ingredient I absolutely love in chocolates, the answer is simple – marzipan! So it’s no wonder that my date marzipan bites can’t get around it either. They are super fast to prepare and taste heavenly with a fresh coffee. The cherry brandy gives the bites a special touch, but can…

Chocolate Nut Bites

Who does not love snacks? Before a workout, as a little energy boost in the afternoon or in the evening on the couch. Nevertheless, you don’t always have to open your chips bag right away. Because once open, the entire bag is gone sooner than you think 🙂 These chocolate nut bites are a somewhat…

Nut Bars

Nut bars are ideal for a sweet, high-energy, yet healthy snack. My version, like many bars available in the stores, is on a base of dates, topped with cashews, almonds and chocolate – but without any added sugar.

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