Soups & Stews

To warm up on cold days, as a cold version in summer or as a tasty starter – soups and stews have become an integral part of our menus and we don’t want to miss them in our own kitchens either.

Vegan Lentil Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup and autumn simply belong together for me. This recipe also scores extra points for containing lentils as a source of protein, which also make the soup extra creamy when pureed.

Indian Lentil Soup

Today I have for you an Indian lentil soup. I like lentils now very much and in combination with curry, coconut milk and ginger it tastes just wonderful. And the lime juice also adds its own touch. Simply super. Have fun trying it out.

Lemon Balm Syrup

Are you hot? The summer has been really wonderful so far, but if you need a refreshment, I have just the right recipe for you: a lemon balm syrup that you can add to your water. A great alternative to store-bought ones!

Classic Pea Stew

Every year in autumn and winter I cook lots of soups and stews, and sometimes I carry on this habit into spring as well. This year, a classic from my childhood was back on the table: pea stew. With a homemade, crusty bread on the side it’s a great dish for a larger group of…

Chicken Soup

A great recipe in winter, when the cold season is at its peak, is this easy chicken soup. Even if you don’t have a cold or are sick, the soup is great to warm you from the inside during the cold season. The taste, I’d say, isn’t bad either 😀 Enjoy.


Most of us know that ginger supports the immune system. And carrots are also a great source of vitamins and minerals. Together with potatoes, onions, an apple and some cream cheese, these ingredients make a delicious, creamy soup quickly and easily. Bon appetit!

Vegan Winter Vegetable Stew with Papadams

Today I want to show you a great winter dish with an Indian twist. It warms wonderfully from the inside and impresses especially with the exotic spices that give the recipe an Indian touch. The side dish is papadams, an Indian flatbread that is fried in oil in a pan. As always, this recipe contains…


Recently I found a recipe for a vegan cheese and leek soup in a Youtube video, which sounded super delicious. Unfortunately, I did not have some ingredients at home, and just modified it to what I had. However, there was one thing that particularly appealed to me: on top of the creamy soup, the girls…

Pizza Soup

I love pizza soup! In my opinion, this soup is made far too rarely. Especially on birthdays or as a late breakfast (keyword: brunch) pizza soup is great, because it can be prepared well in advance and still tastes great after reheating. The ground meat can easily be omitted or replaced with a little mozzarella…

Thai-Curry Soup

When I decided for a meatless future of my kitchen, the classic alternatives obviously came to my mind first – including tofu. I had already eaten it a few times, but I never really liked it. Nevertheless, I wanted to give it another chance and gladly I found a method to make it really tasty…

Red Beet Soup

Red beet is a super healthy vegetable that is rich in nutrients and also keeps you full for a long time. This time I used it for a soup, refined with potatoes and sunflower seeds. The cream and sour cream topping makes the soup nice and creamy and provides a nice visual contrast.


Autumn is here! And with it our favorite seasonal vegetable: the pumpkin. From October on available in all variations, but the pumpkin soup as a real classic should not be missing.

Potato Stew

A dish that is ideal for meal prepping, is stew. Most of the time it tastes even better on the second day and you can reheat it at any time and endlessly. This potato and lentil stew is super filling and does not need any sides.

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