4 Girls, friends since High School, with one passion in common: good food.

All of us like cooking, trying new recipes and also sharing them with friends, family and on Social Media. So why not have a place to collect and share all our favorite recipes?That’s how the idea of starting a blog came up and even though finding a name was less easy than creating recipes, we are super happy that it’s finally online.



I’m Josefine, 25 years old and currently studying for a Master’s degree in Business Law. Besides my full-time job as a mom of two little sweet boys, I work as a student trainee in a legal department.

I started baking cakes during my pregnancy and have been trying and loving it ever since. Sure, every now and then there is a setback when something doesn’t work out the way I imagine it. But especially when baking, practice makes perfect!

I’ll share mainly baking recipes with you and things that can go wrong, so you can do better than me.

Peace ☮


Hello 🙂

I’m Nicole, 26 years old and from a beautiful, small village in Germany.I am working in Customer Service of an industrial company.

In my leisure time you can typically find me either reading a book, working in my yard or kitchen.

I’ve been cooking a lot since I moved out, just because I didn’t feel like ordering food all the time.

I love baking, especially breat and cakes. I would like to try tortes soon and hope that something edible will come out of it.

Enjoy our blog!


Hey guys!

My name is Pauline, I am 27 years old and also live in Germany – more precisely in a beautiful small town in Hessen. This year I finally became a state-certified business economist with a focus on controlling and I am going to start my business administration studies in fall.

I love traveling – especially hiking tours in the mountains, as you can easily see on my photo, are one of my favorite things to do. In my leisure time I also like to go running or to the gym, which is why I am especially interested in healthy recipes. I like to be creative, painting and drawing is a big hobby of mine. My pets are rather unusual – meanwhile I have 14 Greek tortoises in total! 🐢

I love to create new recipes or modify classic dishes myself. Cooking is a great passion of mine, which is why I am very happy to start this blog together with the other girls.

I hope we can inspire you! 🙂


Hi guys,

Glad you found the way to our blog!

My name is Natascha, I’m 26 and live with my husband and our two cats in the US. I work in Marketing and love everything related to design.

In my leisure time I like exploring new places, I love the ocean and one day I want to live close to it.

I started cooking when I still lived at home with my parents. When I moved out, cooking became an even bigger part of my life, and trying out new recipes became a real passion.

Slowly but surely I’m also getting into baking – but to be honest, I have quite a lot of respect for it, because you can’t improvise as easily as when you’re cooking and that’s why the whole thing has often gone wrong for me in the past.

Maybe the others can convince me with their baking recipes?

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