Turkish Manti

Hello everyone! Today I would like to introduce Turkish tortellini (Manti) and explain the differences to “normal” tortellini. One thing both types of tortellini have in common: you should not underestimate the supposedly small portion, because they are super filling.

What are Manti?

Manti are small filled dumplings. Like tortellini, they can be filled with minced meat, cheese or even lentils, for example. They are slightly smaller than the usual tortellini and are also offered packed dry with very little filling. This allows them to be stored longer, just like pasta, and they do not go bad. Of course, you can also buy fresh manti, which are sufficiently filled and thus have a little more flavor of their own.

Turkish Manti are served with a yogurt dip and possibly a spicy butter bell pepper sauce. Personally, I prefer to eat them with yogurt, mint and vinegar. There are many variations you can think of here. Did you know that there are special Manti restaurants? Here, many different types of Manti are offered with various toppings, such as sunflower seeds or spinach.

How are Manti prepared?

For fresh Manti, a pasta-like dough must be made, which is then cut into small squares. Next, each square is topped with some filling. Finally, the square is folded into a bundle and closed well to prevent the filling from getting out. The finished folded Manti must now be cooked for about 4-8 minutes.

Lastly, prepare the dips. A yogurt sauce as well as a hot butter bell pepper sauce are great options to serve the Manti with. If you’re vegan, just use soy yogurt can be used instead.

My Conclusion

I think that everyone should have tried Turkish Manti; whether freshly homemade, dried or in a restaurant – it is always worth it! Personally, I can’t say whether I like Turkish Manti or the “classic” tortellini better, because I eat Manti with a lot of natural yogurt and mint, i.e. very fresh ingredients, while the classic tortellini are usually served savory with tomato sauce in our country.

I like both types of tortellini very much and I plan on making both myself at home soon. Of course I will tell you about it 🙂 Have you ever eaten Manti, or even prepared it yourself? Leave me a comment 🙂

Love, Josefine

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