Winterly Walnut Tiramisu

with low-fat cottage cheese, Spekulatius cookies and fresh blueberries

6 Servings

Winterly Walnut Tiramisu

At Christmas I tried out a new dessert, which is still perfect to use the leftover Spekulatius cookies from the holidays ;). In contrast to the classic version made from mascarpone, this version is much lighter and richer in protein, since a mixture of low-fat cottage cheese and cream cheese is used and you can make it without unnecessary, additional sugar due to the flavored powder. – Pauline
1.459 kcal (167 g Carbs / 52 g Fat / 87 g Protein)
per serving (makes 6)
243 kcal (28 g Carbs / 9 g Fat / 15 g Protein)
Category Dessert
Portions 6
Calories 243 kcal

You need

  • 500 g Low Fat Cottage Cheese
  • 100 g Low Fat Cream Cheese
  • Ginger Bread Spice
  • 4 Scoops Vanilla Powder as sugar replacement
  • 200 g Fresh Blueberries
  • 50 g Walnuts
  • 10 Spekulatius Cookies
  • 2 Shots Walnut Liqueur

Here’s how to do it

  • This tiramisu recipe is equally ideal for a large casserole dish or small jar glasses. I have chosen the casserole dish, because it is much faster and all guests can individually portion their dessert.
  • First, line the baking dish completely with Spekulatius cookies. Then pour the walnut liqueur over them so that it can soak into the cookies.
  • Then stir in the low-fat cottage cheese, cream cheese, gingerbread spice and flavor powder to make a creamy mass. At the same time, chop the walnuts and roast them briefly in a pan.
  • Then pour half of the mixture into the casserole dish, spread the blueberries on top, and finally add the second half of the mixture.
  • Now decorate your dessert with the roasted walnuts – done!

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